USA peace Tour

Our mission

As a group of Buddhist monks on a USA tour, our mission is to spread the timeless wisdom of the Buddha, inspiring individuals to embark on a path of spiritual cultivation. Through our teachings, prayers, and the intricate creation of sand mandalas, we aim to awaken hearts to the inherent potential for peace, compassion, and inner awakening. We travel with the intention of fostering understanding, respect, and harmony among diverse communities, promoting interfaith dialogue and nurturing the seeds of enlightenment. We humbly offer our presence and guidance, serving as conduits of compassion and sharing the transformative practices that lead to true liberation. Together, we aspire to create a ripple effect of positive change, nurturing a world where wisdom, kindness, and understanding flourish.

Our vision

To illuminate hearts and minds with the transformative teachings of the Buddha, promoting peace, compassion, and spiritual awakening as we embark on a sacred journey throughout the United States, sharing the beauty of sand mandalas and the power of prayers.